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Scrubs - women's or men's medical set - medical clothing - everyday work clothes of a nurse and a medic


Scrubs, - women's or men's medical set - medical clothing - everyday work clothes for nurses and medics

The term "scrubs" comes from the English language and is nothing more than a term for medical clothing worn by doctors, nurses, surgeons and staff who care for patients. "scrubs" usually includes a hat, sweatshirt, pants or shoes.

This type of medical clothing has gained its popularity among care workers thanks to its simplicity, wearing comfort and aesthetic appearance. Mostly, this clothing can be found in hospital wards, veterinary clinics or nursing homes. Scrubs  a top protective barrier that protects staff's clothes against blood, body fluids or other substances. They gained popularity in facilities where high sterility is required. Thanks to the use of Scrubs we minimize the amount of microorganisms and germs that would get into the facility from the outside.


Convenience and functionality of scrubs 

Comfort and functionality are important factors that should be taken into account when choosing a medical uniform. This type of medical clothing should have capacious pockets, not restrict movement and withstand many washing cycles. Their looser cut should support proper ventilation. The fabric from which they are made should drain moisture well, which significantly affects the comfort of use. Such medical setsare the perfect solution for surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, paediatricians or physiotherapists.

Scrubs top and scrubs bottom - women's and men's medical sets

Scrubs topis otherwise everything that fits in clothes from the waist up. Medical shirts are increasingly becoming a showcase of every service employee. More and more people are moving away from the boring white color of the outfit. It had negative associations with many people who had the opportunity to visit any medical facility. The stereotype of boring and cold colors is slowly falling into oblivion. Increasingly, fabrics with warm colors are used for the production of scrubs. The colors burgundy,  magenta and marine have become very popular. This significantly affects the psychological comfort of patients and improves relationship building.


Scrubs bottom is nothing more than medical pants, which, as in the case of medical blouses, should be characterized by a comfortable cut and very high quality of workmanship. They should not be too loose, and at the same time should not be too tight. In the work of a medic, freedom of movement is a very important element. Medical Trousers are often matched in color to scrubs top, creating a coherent creation. Appropriate materials from which they are made significantly affect the wearing comfort and prevent overheating of the body.

The scrubs are complemented by various types of medical caps and surgical masks. In this case, you can also notice an amazing variety of colors, colors and patterns. An example is a medical cap in a cheerful sunny color. Such a cap will certainly find greater approval among younger patients than its white counterpart. This effect significantly increases trust in the pediatrician and reduces unnecessary stress.

The medical suit has become a traditional attire for a doctor - scrubs with your own embroidery and throw apron. It is a good practice to personalize your medical kits by adding embroidery with the logo of your facility. This significantly improves the image and increases trust among patients. Such a specially prepared scrub or apron with the facility's own logo spreads awareness among patients about the high standard of this place. Medical shirts with own prints and patterns are a business card that unobtrusively confirms the high quality of the services provided.


Colored Scrubs, aprons, dresses and much more

Our brand's scrubs meet all the most important quality criteria. Our medical clothing is made of cotton and high-quality cotton-polyester blends. In our store you can find colorfulmedical shirts, medical pants, medical aprons, available in many sizes. We make every effort to ensure that our medical clothing meets your expectations in terms of quality and appearance. Medical sets, COLORMED medical gowns and gowns are quality and comfort. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, so that each purchased medical kit becomes their ally during their hard work.

Scrubs should be neat, simple and comfortable. Fitting medical sets to the body should not restrict movement, and their functionality facilitates effective work. More and more often, facilities use different colors of medical blouses and medical pants, depending on the specialization performed. This makes such medical sets easily recognizable by patients. It should be remembered that a properly selected uniform has a significant impact on the professional appearance of the staff and improves their image.